3 Romantic Honeymoon Destinations Outside The Caribbean

Your first holiday as a married couple is a once in lifetime event.  Everyone thinks about their wedding day, some as children and others when they find the love of their life. But how much thought have you put into your dream honeymoon?


This inspiring article will provide three romantic holiday destinations for a loving, fun and top-notch honeymoon that you will never forget.  Whether you’re looking for a luxurious beach honeymoon or a city adventure honeymoon; keep reading to find out which destinations made or list.


Malé, Maldives

If you are a couple looking for a relaxing beach holiday, the Maldives is the place for you.

This lover’s paradise is the perfect place to be in each other’s company. The Malé has no big city lights, loud noises or crowded tourist attractions to distract you from your love for one another.

Here you can take long walks along the golden sandy beaches, have dinner at sunset and laze in the hot sun.  As a couple, you will experience romance to the maximum.  Explore the ocean with couples snorkeling and diving. Gracefully swimming through the tropical, peaceful and turquoise Indian Ocean is a magical event, not to be missed. Together you will see beautiful coral reefs, colorful fish and if you are lucky, rays and sea turtles.


Explore charming local markets to discover the culture and absorbing each precious moment at a time.  Enjoy local escort dishes and fruit and chose unique handmade items to take home with you as memorable souvenirs.


Las Vegas, USA

Are you a couple looking for excitement, bright lights, and adventure?  If so, book your honeymoon to Las Vegas ‘AKA’ Sin City.  This heavyweight, entertainment, and man-made city is incredibly popular with lovers and newlyweds alike, so you won’t be celebrating alone.

A honeymoon in Las Vegas will be full of awe and excitement as you witness the water show at the Bellagio Hotel, laugh at the crazy shows and walk hand in hand at the Shark Reef Aquarium at Mandalay Bay. Take a gamble at the blackjack table and who knows, maybe you will go home a whole lot richer, ready to start your married life together.


If you want to add some outdoor adventure to your fun and romance, take a hike at Red Rock Canyon and a helicopter ride over the Grand Canyon. Both sites are spectacular to witness. Your honeymoon photos will be quite unique.



If you are looking for something different and you are both animal lovers then why not have your honeymoon in the beautiful African country of Kenya.  A wildlife safari would indeed be a unique and intimate experience.

Kenya is one of the few countries where you can be in the presence of the ‘African Big 5.’  They are the African lion, the African leopard, the African elephant, the Cape buffalo, and the rhino (either white or black).


You can sleep under the stars, have a candlelit dinner at sunset and relax in the warm Indian Ocean.


The exclusivity and attractive landscapes guarantee an amazingly romantic honeymoon, never to be forgotten.  Imagine the stories and photos you could share together until your golden anniversary.


Due to the rainy season, it is advisable to avoid March, April, and November.


A honeymoon is the holiday of a lifetime! As a result, it is vital to research and find the right destination for both you and your partner.  These three honeymoons cater to different romantic tastes. Hopefully, they have offered some inspiration. There is a perfect location out there for every couple. Was one of these your dream destination?  If you have already been on your honeymoon, we would love to hear which location you chose in the comments section below.





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