5 Myths about Skin Care

Have you tried everything to get the perfect skin but have failed and you have no idea what you have done wrong?   Well, most individuals tend to ignore the research part and listen to other people’s skincare routine because they have beautiful looking skin.


Here are five myths about skin care many assumed were correct.


  1. We don’t need sunscreen when it is overcast (sun is not out) and the weather isn’t warm. That is one of the most common myths of all. Sunscreen is essential and should be applied every day.
  2. A natural product is good for the skin. Another myth which is very popular. Individuals think that if a product or ingredient is natural, it must be good for their skin. However, that is wrong because everyone has different skin types!
  3. Higher SPF sunscreen means that the product is better than others. However, higher SPF sunscreen doesn’t say that you can stay in the Sun for as long as you want. You have to re-apply sunscreen to exposed skin throughout the day.

  4. Young people shouldn’t use anti-aging creams. Anti-aging creams have ingredients that make a skin look refreshed, and there is no age limit for using an anti-aging cream.
  5. Eating junk food means more acne! Another myth because it was probably said by those who wanted their kids to avoid consuming junk food.  However, many other factors can cause acne.



Before using a product or trying a remedy, do your research because what’s suitable for one skin type might not show similar results for other skin.  Also, everyone should consult a dermatologist for their acne and other skin problems.




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