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Today, Georg Walendy is the fourth generation to direct the international business activities of ALBERTO GmbH & Co. KG, together with CEO Marco Lanowy and sales director Jürgen Schmiedel. The firm is a success in the marketplace with a men’s pants collection and its own line of golf wear. At ALBERTO they know what it takes to create high-quality, up-to-date fashion: a combination of tailoring perfection, technological innovation, an outstanding feeling for trends, selected materials and special attention to every detail. Nothing more – nothing less.

The Start
In 1922, Dr. Albert Dormanns founded the Dormanns’ Trouser Factory in the vacant space of his late grandfather’s textile mill. He manufactured jackets, pants, and work clothes using returned stock, pattern samples, and purchased surplus material. Twenty years later, during World War II, the factory building was vacated due to fear of bombing attacks, but Dr. Albert Dormanns continued production on a small scale in the empty rooms of an inn. With construction of a new factory in 1950, the owner concentrated on the production of men’s pants. The collection included everything from traditional cord pants and riding breeches to knickerbockers. The Company grew in the following years.

Albert Dormanns Nachf. GmbH & Co.
Following the death of Dr. Albert Dormanns in 1968, his daughter Marie-Lore inherited the firm. Her husband, Rolf Walendy, took over management of the business. With these steps, the former textile factory was renamed as Albert Dormanns Nachf. GmbH &Co. and Rolf Walendy undertook the move to the old Clemens August Becker suit factory. The Company headquarters are still at 19-31 Rheydter Strasse. His son Georg Walendy joined the Company sales department in 1977 at the age of 24. In the 80’s the Company developed pants into an innovative article of clothing. Future styles would be marketed under the newly created ALBERTO brand. Pants were no longer just a pair of pants. With innovative introductions such as checked pants with a youthful cut and new stylistic interpretations, the firm from Mönchengladbach got noticed. In the 90’s the Company established itself internationally and products were exported to 15 countries worldwide. In addition to outstanding production expertise and unrivalled logistics, the extensive distribution network created the foundation for successful expansion reflected in continuing double-digit growth. By the end of the 90’s, growing demand made expansion of production necessary and it was moved abroad under the direction of German technicians. The existing factory building in Mönchengladbach was also expanded by 3,000 sq. m. in 1999.

Early in 2003 the Company was renamed and incorporated the brand name ALBERTO into the Company name. The Company will do business as ALBERTO GmbH & Co. KG. from now on.

In recognition of contemporary consumer buying behavior, the Company has also successfully marketed the collections online since 2003. The online shop was relocated in cooperation with DePauli AG. Customers can easily order selected items online 24 hours a day at

The men’s collection offers dressy pants, high-fashion casual wear and denims, which now take up 60% of the entire collection. Extremely high requirements for the selected materials, for workmanship, and for the development of new products – apply to every ALBERTO line.

The success story of the golf collection began in 2004, as a plane took off for the USA. On board were Company heads Georg Walendy and Marc Lanowy. In the luggage were all kinds of creative ideas for a modern, functional golf collection. In the US, Walendy and Lanowy were met by golf pro Alex Cejka, who was receiving attention at the time for wearing ALBERTO pants on the course instead of golf pants. Excited by the styles in the men’s collection, a promising collaboration with the menswear label came into being and ALBERTO accepted the challenge of invigorating the sportswear market. Based both on years of fashion expertise and development and use of innovative materials, very special golf wear emerged that impressed with sophisticated design, perfect cut, and completely new functions. Since then the label has become well established; golfers know the functional and fashionable golf pants from Mönchengladbach.

In 2005 the Company invested 4 million euro in expansion and new construction: The ALBERTO Logistic Center with a floor area of practically 10,000 sq. m. was the result. The modern space provides room for even more service and creativity, even more fashion accents and growth. This expansion created an advanced raw materials warehouse and considerably expanded finished goods storage that provided space for 190,000 pairs of pants. This means an enormous capacity increase that benefits the delivery service.

The extensive NOS warehouse program, which generates 40% of the turnover, guarantees short delivery times and reliable availability, even at peak times. Eighty thousand seasonal and year-round articles are available here. With this conversion to up-to-date logistics and optimized warehouse management ALBERTO can provide the trade with dynamic and flexible service.

On the management level, the year 2005 meant a change with an expansion to include two new business leaders: Marco Lanowy (Retail, Sales & Marketing) and Jürgen Schmiedel (Finance & Personnel).

Meanwhile, the next generation has already joined the Company. Anna Walendy has been responsible for the ALBERTO service concept since 2008, and in 2009 Philipp Walendy took on the role of junior product manager. Today, together with 80 associates at headquarters in Mönchengladbach, an annual turnover of 28 million euros is achieved. The Company now has 600 wholesalers and 2100 retailers worldwide. ALBERTO is present in 42 countries such as Russia, USA, Canada, Austria, Belgium, Luxembourg, The Netherlands and the Scandinavian countries. It exports account for 52% of earnings. Uniform presentation methods, such as using magnetic panels that show the pants in context and cost-effective advertising and marketing initiatives, support the image of the Company and its brands.


In 2009 ALBERTO unveiled a new, powerful, and lasting brand: A-Denim. These high-fashion jeans are produced in Casablanca and finished by hand in a process that can last up to seven hours. This produces unique items that are particularly appreciated by demanding denim fans. A-Denims have been available in stores since December 2009. In order to give more breathing space to future innovative ideas, ALBERTO’s own Creative Center will be opened in early 2010 on the upper level of the Logistics Center.

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