DONISHA PRENDERGAST, the eldest grand daughter of Reggae legend Bob Marley and wife Rita Marley made her filmmakers debut at the Festival du Noveau Cinema (FNC) in October in Montreal, Canada. Her film – ‘A Soul’s Journey’ had its world’s premier to rave reviews, as Donisha revealed the documentary as a discovery and realization into the world of Rastafari, not only in Jamaica, but also how other countries have interpreted the movement and how its reflected within their unique cultures.

 The film delves deep into the world of Rastafari, as Prendergast knows it. She goes on to explore and analyze Rastafari in a variety of countries around the world like; the United Kingdom, South Africa, India, Jamaica, Canada, Israel and Ethiopia. She explores the global perspective of the movement and how it has impacted these nations and their people. In this film, Prendergast gets to the nucleus of the Rastafari culture, studying how it began in certain countries and the evolution of the movement.

 There are several interviews and appearances that contribute to this film including a chat with Bob Marley’s youngest son Damian Marley, Rita Marley and Dr. Jake Hamiak, curator of the `Discovering Rastafari’ exhibit at the National Museum of National History, at the Smithsonian Institute in Washington DC. The young filmmaker also explores how Rastafari has affected her life and what it means for her past, present and future. The film is directed by Stuart Samuels and produced by Patricia Scarlett. ‘A Soul’s Journey’ takes the audience on a journey of discovery, exploration and realization – all key elements that run throughout the film.

 ‘A Soul’s Journey’ came as a significant feature at the film festival, which is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year. FNC is one of Canada’s longest running film festivals. With its prestige and credibility as a place where young filmmakers can grow, this event will definitely be a place of recognition for the grand daughter of a legend.

Photographed by Black Sebath for the Religiously Fabulous | Published in Profiles98 Summer Issue 9 2011

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