Calvin Luo Spring/Summer 2018

Luo’s collection embodies the skater girl turned whimsy woman, who spends her days riding down the eerie boulevards of suburban America.

Hidden behind a façade, is a suppressed manic that eludes to the psychological dramas The Virgin Suicides and Requiem for a Dream. Yet, at night her frivolous charm is depicted amidst glamour and luxe. Her extravagance holds an air of mystery echoing Sophia Coppola’s portrayal of Marie Antoinette in her 2006 film.
The color palette holds some pearlescent hues contrasted with softer tones of yellow, blue and red.
Calvin Luo looked at porcelain artist Xie Dong when developing his textures. The sculptural element of the porcelain art is shown through a combination of different fabrics and their treatments creating ‘soft’ and ‘hard’ textures throughout the collection.
The Whitney Museum, designed by architect Renzo Piano, offers a minimalistic set for Luo’s collection. The glass space overlooking the Meatpacking District and the River, draws parallels with Dong’s work through the combination of ‘soft’ and ‘hard’ textures.

CalvinLuo_SS18_1 CalvinLuo_SS18_2 CalvinLuo_SS18_3 CalvinLuo_SS18_4 CalvinLuo_SS18_5 CalvinLuo_SS18_6 CalvinLuo_SS18_7 CalvinLuo_SS18_8 CalvinLuo_SS18_9 CalvinLuo_SS18_10 CalvinLuo_SS18_11 CalvinLuo_SS18_12 CalvinLuo_SS18_13 CalvinLuo_SS18_14 CalvinLuo_SS18_15 CalvinLuo_SS18_16 CalvinLuo_SS18_17 CalvinLuo_SS18_18 CalvinLuo_SS18_19 CalvinLuo_SS18_20 CalvinLuo_SS18_21 CalvinLuo_SS18_22 CalvinLuo_SS18_23 CalvinLuo_SS18_24 CalvinLuo_SS18_25 CalvinLuo_SS18_26 CalvinLuo_SS18_27 CalvinLuo_SS18_28 CalvinLuo_SS18_29 CalvinLuo_SS18_30 CalvinLuo_SS18_31 CalvinLuo_SS18_32 CalvinLuo_SS18_33 CalvinLuo_SS18_34 CalvinLuo_SS18_35 CalvinLuo_SS18_36 CalvinLuo_SS18_FINAL1 CalvinLuo_SS18_FINAL2

Styling Michaela Dosamantes
Casting David Chen
Hair Diego Da Silva for Aveda
Make-up Maud Laceppe for MAC
Nails Eichi Matsunaga for OPI
Music The Misshapes
Production CS Global


Designer Calvin Luo


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