New York, NY (November 22, 2013)— Last night, author Christie Hsiao held an intimate gathering at The Standard Hotel in the Meatpacking District in New York in celebration of her new children’s book, Journey to Rainbow Island. Guests enjoyed music by DJ May Kwok.

Attendees at the party included:

Chloe Norgaard (Model), Shwayze (Recording Artist), May Kwok (DJ) Chris H. (America’s Next Top Model), Miles Chamley-Watson (Olympian Fencer/Model), Teresa Lourenco (Model), Anderson Noel (Model), Benjamin Fanlight (Designer, LPD New York), Isaiah Hamilton (Model), and Kristian Schmidt (Producer- Director) among others.

About the author:

Christie Hsiao is the founder, president and CEO of Serenity Media Group, an entertainment company located in Los Angeles, California. Originally from Taiwan, Hsiao holds an MBA from Pepperdine University and a BA from UCLA in Communications and East Asian Studies. After refining her skill set and studying in the United States, Christie took on smaller, independent projects to produce before moving on to the next level so she could bring to China, ‘real Hollywood products.’ While producing and overseeing many independent projects, Christie started writing a book detailing her childhood imagination and fantasies.Journey to Rainbow Island is the outcome– a fantasy adventure for all ages, all over the world. Currently in pre- production, Journey to Rainbow Island is ready to become a major motion picture in 3D animation, fully funded by Serenity Media Group’s Film Fund. In addition, it is also being made into a video game.

Journey to Rainbow Island:

The novel follows Yu-ning, who thinks her perfect life on Rainbow Island will never end—until a nasty dragon called the Obsidigon returns from beyond the grave. Now her beloved island is in flames, her best friend has been kidnapped, and the island’s Sacred Crystals have been stolen. To make matters worse, she must venture into the dark corners of the world to uncover secrets best ignored, find a weapon thought long destroyed, and recapture seven sacred stones—without being burned to a crisp by a very angry dragon.

With the help of her master teacher, Metatron, Yu-ning embarks on a dangerous journey to overcome not only the darkness attacking her home, but also the scars of sadness that mark her own heart. And while most people just see a normal kid, Metatron—and a few other unlikely allies—pledge their lives to the dark- eyed little girl with a magic bow and a crooked grin.

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