In Agatha Ruiz de la Prada’s designs there is a constant that is always kept intact. Since her first fashion show in 1980, contemporary art has been a basic reference, not only in the conceptualization of ideas, fundamental in all of her collections, but in the way in which she introduced it to the world of clothing through her choice of silhouettes, materials, colors and the use of the house’s classic icons, always falling back on a tug of war between lack/abundance of meaning. This reverts us directly to the use of graphic design, which in an almost omnipotent way is applied to all the branches of her design the first being, naturally, that of the textile printing.

For this season A-W 2014-15, prints are the inspiring force behind the collection. We have recovered classic prints from the 80’s, 90’s and 2000’s and developed new ones for the winter of 2014. Dots, stripes, hearts, flowers, stars, bows, logos, rainbows, clouds and tangled outlines of all sizes will flood the runway.

As always, color is the unmistakable protagonist. The palette is enormous. From primary colors to the secondary and tertiary ones. They all mix amongst themselves, creating a feeling of baroque minimalism, mixing this wide range of color with graphic elements of grand simplicity, captured on a varied range of fabrics, some of which include knitted wool, plush, neoprene, satin, poplin, waterproofs, crepe and even sequins.

Fuchsia, the fetish color of the house, remains the conductive thread of the whole collection. From the actual articles to the entertaining complements such as the transparent shoes that take on the color of the socks and contrast or fuse with the pink lacquer wedges that serve as its base. The transparent purses and amusing wigs have been created by hand by Free Style for Agatha Ruiz de la Prada.

Silhouettes that think of a comfortable and contemporary woman. Tightly fitted leggings contrast with big oversized coats. Straight lines on big curves and circles, evasés and layers play with articles of all possible sizes and lengths, transforming dressing up into a true game. A combination looks that will make sure Agatha’s women enjoy this year more than ever be it long, short, wide, tightly fitting or all at once.

“Color Prints” is a collection that encourages/stimulates games, fun, comfort, the recycling of articles, contemporary thought and, all in all, the classic ideology that Agatha Ruiz de la Prada presents us season after season since her very beginning, destined to an ABSOLUTELY FREE woman.


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