Crab Toes Bags and Accessories

Crab Toes Bags and Accessories4  Crab Toes Bags and Accessories7 Crab Toes Bags and Accessories6 Crab Toes Bags and Accessories5Crab Toes Bags and Accessories3


Mardia Powell Owner of Crab Toes Bags and Accessories, after the death of her mother decided to honor her moms by embellishing bags and accessories with shells and natural stones from The Bahamas.  Learn more about Crab Toes in the video below and also their Facebook page.

                                                                                                             Location: John Watlings, Nassau Bahamas

Shot by Emmanuel Rolle and O’brian Harvey for Profiles98 Magazine
Edited by O’brian Harvey

Crab Toes Bags and Accessories1 Mardia Powell – Owner Of Crab Toes at The Business Meets Billionaire Trade Show.  All photos courtesy of Crab Toes Facebook page



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