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Dear Dr. Ally I am a 33 year old male, lately I have been getting up at least three (3) times a night to urinate. What do you think is wrong and what can I do to solve this problem?

There could several issues that could cause this problem. Alcohol intake can cause increase urination if consumed in evening. Caffeine can also affect you in a similar fashion. Other more important medical problems include diabetes mellitus. Diabetes is a disease that affects your body’s ability to manage sugar. Symptoms include excessive urination, excessive thirstiness, weight loss and excessive hunger. Simple blood test can diagnose this condition. Infection can produce increase frequency, burning, odor, and sometimes blood. Simple urine test can diagnose this condition. The prostate can also effect urination. The prostate gland is a male organ that produces semen (the liquid that surrounds sperm). As age progresses this gland enlarges and cause problems urinating. It is usually an issue of older men.


Q. Dr. Ally, I am 25 years old and have been on birth control pills from I was 12 years old because of painful period. How long should one be on birth controls and should I stop taking them?

Birth control pills are relatively safe, especially in low dose. You can continue their use safely well into 30’s until you decide you want to be pregnant. Avoiding or restricting smoking decreases your risk for complications. BC pills have to be stopped when you want to become pregnant or have been diagnosed pregnancy. Other issues are blood clots and associated diseases like Lupus and cancer especially of breast, cervix, or vagina. Certain medications interfere with birth control performance such as antibiotics and seizure medication. You should make sure you are protecting yourself from HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases by using condoms always. Preferably you should purchase your own supply.


Q. Dr. Ally, I am a senior in high school and have been dating my boyfriend for almost one year. We have decided to practice abstinence and wait until we get married, but lately he has been asking for us to have Oral Sex Only. How safe is Oral Sex and what how do I tell him I am not interested?

First, you should discuss the reasons for that decision. This will direct your course. In addition you need to search yourself for your own feelings. You should not be pressured into any activity until you are feeling comfortable and willing. Explain your feelings to your boyfriend. Oral sex has the similar risk for sexually transmitted disease. Semen can contain high concentrations of the virus that causes HIV. I would advise you both to be tested for HIV and sexually transmitted disease. Always use protection until the day you say “I do.” I advise this because some relationships headed for marriage are derailed by a disappointing surprise of infidelity. At that point, you both will know that you both were protected.


Q. Dr. Ally is it true that your penis can break and how so?

Medically it is called fractured penis. Fracture is synonymous with breaking. Although there are no bones in the penis, it can be injured. The penis has 2 tubes that contain spongy material that engorges with blood to create an erection called the corpus caverosum. The enclosure of this cavity can be ruptured under pressure. Although rare, this can occur when an erected penis hits a firm surface with force. This can occur during sex when the penis hits the outside of the vagina during forceful sex especially with the woman on top. This condition produces severe pain, bruising, and swelling even with the erection has subsided. It is considered an emergency. This can be repaired surgically for the best assurance to allow the penis to perform as it did prior to the occurrence.


Q. Dr. Ally can you explain the symptoms of a yeast infection, how do you get it and can I give it to my boyfriend?

Symptoms include vaginal itching, burning, and irritation. A thick white discharge is also common. It is acquired when there is an imbalance of the vaginal cavity. It can be induced by excessive douching, hormonal changes, antibiotics, use of spermicidal products in the vagina, and conditions that affect the immune system such as diabetes. Treatment is simple and can be cured with over the counter anti fungal cream and suppositories in addition to prescription medications. It is uncommon to transmit yeast infection to males especially if they are circumcised

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