Edwing D’Angelo’s Jete Featuring Fernando Montano

NEW YORK, August 6, 2013 – Today, Edwing D’Angelo, the high-concept men and women’s wear designed by Edwing D’Angelo, premiers its first short film/promo installment of the mini-trilogy “All About Dancing: Jeté”. The film, which was premiered for a private VIP showing last week, became available on the designers new and exciting website (www.edwingdangelo.com) today. The project was undertaken in collaboration with cinematographer/editor Devon Talbert, who has delivered similar projects for global brands such as Victoria’s Secret and Nike.

The film depicts one of The Royal Ballet of London’s most celebrated dancers, Fernando Montaño, visiting New York City and embarks on a tale of discovering the wonders of the Capital of the World. While the story begins and ends in the New York City subway system, the story takes you on a magical journey through the places that New Yorkers’ often take for granted. Montano’s character indulges in his fete of discovery all the while immaculately clad in gorgeous and well-fitted designs by Edwing D’Angelo. “…collaborating with D’Angelo was a dream come true, his designs are so amazing and fits me so well, I loved every minute of it,” adds Montaño.

This short-film, much like the brands’ newly re-launched website, is all part of rebranding strategy which is inspired by the concepts of a luxurious customer experience and post-modern chic.   “The company has embarked on a two (2) year business transformation plan that will result in no less than five (5) new international boutique locations, a multi-product brand strategy and a fully integrated digital brand presence,” say Neil Lowe, PhD., Chief Executive of GCHUS (www.gchus.com) the brand’s new business and distribution partner. “This is in steep contrast to our original website and online marketing campaign, which we designed three or four years ago. Back then, the messages didn’t have a long-term vision; there was no business model,” says D’Angelo in a wide-ranging conversation about the brand’s growth, immersion into digital culture and storytelling for the Internet. Mr. Talbert, the film’s Director, noted that the film “doesn’t take itself too seriously, which cannot be said of most fashion films. It also celebrates the humor, wit and visual flair at the heart of the campaign.”

Tapping into the global affluent consumer market space is a core objective of the new Edwing D’Angelo team. “Six Months ago when my team and I began this digital immersion initiative, we all agreed that all aspects of the campaign must convey our aesthetics to our current and potential clients – one-of-a-kind luxury, inspirational success and bespoke presence with a sense of ease and approachability” says D’Angelo. The new management of Edwing D’Angelo is clearly focused on taking the brand to new heights of luxury and business success. It is only fitting that the film is titled Jeté – the French word for a Ballet step in which the dancer springs from one leg and lands on the other. In some ways, this is a symbol of the company’s jump from a “local shop” to a celebrated emerging brand in the high-end fashion market. While many designers see developing a digital strategy as an after thought, D’Angelo, has embraced the Web as the primary medium to tell his story and create a strong platform on which the brand can thrive. “The Internet has offered me a voice,” says D’Angelo. “I get to reach people, showcase my creations and speak to the end-consumer directly.”

“These projects are part of my natural DNA. I am a Colombian-born New Yorker. I fundamentally believe that my brand embodies that fusion which I represent in all my collections. I am influenced by my Latin background, but I frame my designs for a worldwide audience which is to me what NYC is, a representation of the best, the world has to offer of culture in one place. That’s why is so important for me to show the world New York City through my eyes. While most luxury brands try to stay away from modern urban settings, seek nostalgia or look European to represent luxury, I embrace The City with all its complexity, which makes it unique.” concludes D’Angelo.

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