GREY GOOSE® Le Melon Toasts Spike Lee w/ Art Commissioned by Award Winning Artist Kehinde Wiley

LE MELON – THE FLAVORED VODKA CRAFTED FROM THE FRUIT OF KINGS, TOASTS THE MODERN KINGS OF CULTURE WITH ART COMMISSIONED BY AWARD WINNING ARTIST KEHINDE WILEY producer, writer, and NYU film professor, Spike Lee, and will be unveiled at an exclusive event in New York City mid-June. A true visionary in the film industry, Spike’s achievements – include more than 35 films produced by 40 Acres and A Mule Filmworks, including iconic films such as Do The Right Thing and Malcolm X and Project 40. 40 Acres and A Mule Filmworks also develops and supports programs that provide young filmmakers with opportunities to receive professional instruction.


 Portraits featuring Spike Lee, Swizz Beatz and Carmelo Anthony to be unveiled at marquee events this summer

 Coral Gables, Fla., June, 2014 — To celebrate the launch of the new flavor GREY GOOSE Le Melon, GREY GOOSE has partnered with the artist Kehinde Wiley to crown today’s modern kings of culture. The inspiration for the collaboration comes from the rich and intriguing history of the Cavaillon melon, selected by GREY GOOSE creator and Maître de Chai (Cellar Master) François Thibault to craft the exceptional new expression – GREY GOOSE Le Melon. The prized essence of the ripe, juicy Cavaillon melons, from Provence, France, was said to be relished by French kings, nobility and artists.

Legend has it that kings traded gold for exclusive access to this treasured fruit. Other historical figures, including Paul Cezanne and Alexander Dumas, also cherished the Cavaillon melon. Impressionist painter Cezanne featured the beautiful melon in one of his first still life works, and writer Dumas traded his entire life’s writing in exchange for an annuity of twelve Cavaillon melons a year.

The partnership with Kehinde Wiley celebrates today’s modern kings of culture in the arenas of film, music and sport. The selected notables, like François Thibault, whose passion for crafting extraordinary spirits as a cellar master in Cognac, gave rise to the world’s first super premium vodka – truly represent those who FLY BEYOND®. Following his win for best documentary at SXSW, Wiley will create a series of custom portraits honoring the selected individuals who have charted extraordinary paths to achievement, using his signature style of fusing history and style in a unique and contemporary manner. The portraits will be auctioned off at a marquee art event in Miami in December, with the majority of the proceeds going to the “kings” charity of choice.

“Kehinde’s talent for combining modern culture with the artistic style of historical portraits is truly unique,” said Lyle Tick, VP Managing Director, GREY GOOSE Vodka. “He has an exceptional ability to blend traditional modes with contemporary subject matter to create something brand new and wildly relevant. We are proud to partner with Kehinde to commemorate the launch of GREY GOOSE Le Melon by celebrating the modern day kings of culture who continue to inspire our consumers.”

The first of the GREY GOOSE Le Melon Modern Kings of Culture portrait series will feature the Emmy® Award winner and Oscar® nominated filmmaker,

GRAMMY® Award-winning music producer Kasseem Dean, aka Swizz Beatz, will follow with a portrait reveal in Los Angeles on June 27th. Starting out as a DJ at the age of 16, the music mogul has been praised by many as the “greatest producer of all time.” Swizz has contributed to the sale of over 320 million records in the US alone with work including hits from some of the most celebrated artists in the music industry. His unique creativity and craftsmanship have solidified his royal status in music, and he is firmly situated in the canon of musicians who transcend genres, with influence seeping into fashion, art and technology. In May 2014, Swizz was inducted into the Bronx Walk of Fame where he received a street that was named in his honor. In addition to his many accomplishments, Swizz was recently accepted into Harvard Business School’s Owner/President Management Program where he is currently studying to further develop his business and leadership skills.

Shortly after, two-time Olympic Gold Medal winner and NBA sensation Carmelo Anthony’s portrait will be unveiled at an exclusive event during the weekend of the ESPY Awards in July. For most of his 10-season career, Anthony has been regarded as one of the NBA’s best scorers, and an offensive dynamo. Anthony started The Carmelo Anthony Foundation, a nonprofit organization created to positively impact the lives of those living in under-served communities through 3 key focus areas – education, recreation & community outreach. His influence on and off the court makes him a true leader and a king of culture.

Guests invited to the GREY GOOSE Le Melon Modern Kings portrait series events will enjoy the signature cocktail, the Melon Mule – a new twist on a classic – a perfect blend of sweet Cavaillon melons and the rich spice of ginger beer, served deliciously chilled in a copper cup. Perfect for the summer and so simple to make, the Melon Mule is made with 1 1/2 parts GREY GOOSE Le Melon, three parts ginger beer and three lime wedges. Portrait reveals will include Q&A discussions with Wiley and each “king” focusing on their journey to achieving the extraordinary.


Every aspect of the creation of GREY GOOSE® is focused on crafting vodka of unmatched quality. The creation of GREY GOOSE begins with the very best ingredients from France – soft winter wheat from the Picardy region, le grenier à blé (the breadbasket of France) and spring water from Gensac-La-Pallue, in the Cognac Arrondissement (Region), which is naturally filtered through limestone that stratified over millions of years. A unique distillation process brings out the naturally superior characteristics of these ingredients. From field-to-bottle, the expertise of the GREY GOOSE Maître de Chai (Cellar Master), François Thibault, ensures an unparalleled smoothness and exceptional taste to the connoisseur palate. The GREY GOOSE portfolio is comprised of GREY GOOSE vodka, GREY GOOSE La Poire, GREY GOOSE L’Orange, GREY GOOSE Le Citron, GREY GOOSE Cherry Noir, and GREY GOOSE Le Melon flavored vodkas.

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