Gypsy Warrior

As of August 2013, Sydney Reising Creative (SRC) will serve as the media and press representative for Gypsy Warrior, the online style destination for the downtown girl. The online storefront, which has evolved from its original state of a resale Etsy storefront, maintains a curated selection of vintage pieces with new inventory pieces at accessible price points. Gypsy Warrior has quickly filled a void in the marketplace for an East coast based online retailer serving up all things fashion via a non-traditional social media growth strategy. The startup engages with nearly half a million customers via the social media network Instagram. The social platform has become the young retailer’s communication method of choice when it comes to consumer relations with their ever increasing cult-following of young, confident, and most importantly, adventurous 20-something women who seek accessible fashion that extends beyond a one-time-purchase mentality, but instead are looking to engage with the likeminded women globally who are simultaneously shopping the retailers vast inventory. This sense of community, found predominantly across Gypsy Warrior’s social media platforms, is what the startup credits their aggressive growth and loyal following to. The high engagement, from both the publication of content by Gypsy Warrior (who post up to 10 news or consumer driven items daily), to the engagement of the consumers on the other end of the social media spectrum who are sharing their #GypsyWarrior finds from their personal accounts, is what drives the continual sales.
The difference between west coast based Nasty Gal (who is quickly becoming the main competitor for the east coast startup Gypsy Warrior) is the element of taking the e-commerce retail venture offline. While the two startups are undeniably alike in their origins and foundations of resale vintage via eBay and Etsy, the Gypsy Warrior brand has taken to the streets, quite literally, to further their customers experience. The Gypsy Warrior flagship, a storefront opened in 2011 in the GW hometown of Ridgewood, New Jersey, led the founders to the realization that their girl is shopping offline for an even more immersive experience. This immediate success of the offline storefront led the Gypsy Warrior brand to a new endeavor… expanding their presence offline to meet their girl in person across. Over the coming months Gypsy Warrior will open a series of brick and mortar storefronts in key cities in the US.
gypsyswarrior 2
Founders (and best friends), Nicla DiCosmo and Michel Bezoza launched the Gypsy Warrior website in 2010 pulling inspiration from rock ‘n roll, tattoo culture, New York City street style, and their love of vintage. What started as a small store on Etsy selling a few vintage pieces rapidly grew into the Gypsy Warrior e-commerce store stocking unique vintage finds alongside edgy yet accessible clothing for the downtown rock-n-roll chick. With the success in e-retail, DiCosmo and Bezoza decided to expand to a physical location. It was less than a years time since the launch of the ecommerce destination that the girls opened their first brick and mortar store in Ridgewood, New Jersey where a dedicated fan base now shops the eclectic mix of multi-brand inventory and the Gypsy Warrior namesake label offline.
Gypsy Warrior
125 East Ridgewood Ave
Ridgewood, NJ 07450
M-F 10AM -8PM
Sat 10AM – 7PM
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