As quiet as it’s kept, colorful, unusual designs on socks has taken it’s rightful ‘footing’ in the accessory market. Spring and summer socks are the new footwear must haves for the season and one company is flying their banner high above the rest – It’s HOT SOX.
As folks plan their summer getaways, we notice a rise in the pant length of our streetstyle fashionistas, editors and bloggers, and, a burst of color on the ankles by way of HOT SOX. Even with the new high heeled shoes these colorful socks seems to be the rage among the fashion insiders as socks are becoming a part of the footwear story.
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For spring and summer a fun tropical Hawaian print is offered in a blaze of colors. The colorful print of the new HOT SOX bring to mind a tropical setting with the sun bouncing off the waves and the smell of coconuts drifting through the warm air. You can very well be on trend with the new HOT SOX trend. The HOT SOX collection are available at
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