A cadre’ of fashion and beauty  industry professionals will be in the Bahamas to facilitate workshops and judge the upcoming “Fashion Faces of the Bahamas” model search, taking place in Nassau Bahamas August, 2014.

Confirmed workshop facilitors are; stylist to the stars Ty Ron Mayes from America’s Next Top Model, Deiwght Peters, CEO Saint International (Jamaica) Ltd. International star model Nykhor Paul, health and fitness expert and marketing and sales director of Profiles98 magazine David Martinborough and International fashion writer/guru and fashion editorial director of Profiles98 magazine Walter Greene.

According to Tercena Carey, publisher and editor-in-chief of Profiles98 magazine, the publication is presenting the model search competition and supporting workshops sessions in conjunction with Saint International (Jamaica) Ltd., the top model agency in the Caribbean. “Saint International will sign the top three winners of this model search and they will travel to Jamaica to compete in the Fashion Face of the Caribbean model search next year. They will also be featured on the  the cover of an upcoming issue of Profiles98 magazine.”

When the Fashion Faces of the Bahamas contenders clash on stage for the final night competition, it will be the culmination of several intense workshops, seminars, model coaching sessions, photo shoots, make overs, one on one interviews and model challenges designed to prepare models starting out in the fashion industry.

The contenders will be judged by a panel of international judges led by Deiwght Peters, who will sign the three top winners to his agency, and, will then compete for the ultimate prize to be the Fashion Face of the Caribbean in 2015.

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