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July 17, 2013 – It’s a proven fact that summer is a slow time of the year for business, which can cause a lot of stress to owners and employees. So why not bring massages to work? Stress is part of everyone’s daily life so a spa like Inspire Med Spa understands the desire to be relaxed and stress-free, so they are proud to announce their “Give Back Program”. The purpose of this program is to promote a happy and stress-free work environment for employees. When they’re relaxed and stress-free, they are more likely to be motivated to get any task or work done, which can have long-term effects. Inspire Med Spa likes to note that because employees are an integral part of any business or organization, it’s important to keep them motivated and involved. The Give Back Program is exactly that, where Inspire Med Spa would like to give back to employees of businesses or organizations that have assisted their local community in any way and neighboring communities as well.

Details: The Inspire Med Spa massage therapist will come in to the designated location of the business or organization at and agreed upon time and provide free 5-10 minute mini massages for a duration of 1-2 hours. They have gradually been able to service industries such as Insurance Agencies, Hotels, Local Charities, Organizations and other businesses that have given back to our local communities throughout this program.

Inspire Med Spa combines medical treatments such as Botox & Fillers, Peels, Sclerotherapy, and relaxing treatments such as Massage Therapy and Facials. Beauty from within would include nutritional prescriptions, and hormonal balancing. Beauty from the outside would be the result of the treatments necessary to solve and excel in a desired area. With these treatments, you are expected to see real results that others will surely notice.

For any further inquiries, please contact: Giselle Triana at (347) 298-2793

Inspire Med Spa

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