ION FIZ – GEOGRAPHY – Collection for Fall Winter 2014/15


Collection for Fall Winter 2014/15

The landscape of the central plateau, with its colors and textures, inspires ION FIZ new collection for next Fall Winter Season. Natural tones designs created in stylish and comfortable fabrics. Sleek garments with ION FIZ exclusive and innovative touch which is illustrated through the visible pleats and seams displayed in the pattern creating a classic futuristic style.

Slender and vertical lines, geometric cuts playing with different shades of the same color range, warm textures, and street-wear elements assorted with traditional tailoring techniques.

Mixed collection:

WOMAN: New Lady
MAN: New Dandy
The night wears black reinterpreting the Tuxedo for Man and Woman.
FABRICS: Wool, Mohair, Alpaca and silk.
COLORES: Ochre, Brown, Green, Grey y Black.
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