Jasper Conran Spring/Summer 2018

Jasper Conran Spring/Summer ’18 collection –  Vivid Green, Sherbet Yellow, Primary School Blue punctuate a vocabulary where traditional male and female clothes are mixed and gender does not dictate behaviour.

Cagoule, Windcheater, Parka, Bomber in pack in a bag nylon.  Facing the elements drenched in colour.

Throw-on slips and straight zipped skirts in paint box brights balance femininity with boyish cotton pants and rib trimmed vests.

Dressed in non-uniform jersey, laundered chiffon and see through tulle.  Clashing stripes and graphic pattern engineered against a simplicity of style.

A match of opposites. Short and long, sheer and solid, neutral and bright, male and female. Exploring individuality with a party of colour.

SS18-Look-01 SS18-Look-02 SS18-Look-03 SS18-Look-04 SS18-Look-05 SS18-Look-06 SS18-Look-07 SS18-Look-08 SS18-Look-09 SS18-Look-10 SS18-Look-11 SS18-Look-12 SS18-Look-13 SS18-Look-14 SS18-Look-15 SS18-Look-16 SS18-Look-17 SS18-Look-18 SS18-Look-19 SS18-Look-20 SS18-Look-21 SS18-Look-22 SS18-Look-23 SS18-Look-24 SS18-Look-25 SS18-Look-26 SS18-Look-27 SS18-Look-28 SS18-Look-29 SS18-Look-30 SS18-Look-31 SS18-Look-32 SS18-Look-33 SS18-Look-34 SS18-Look-35 SS18-Look-36 SS18-Look-37 SS18-Look-38 SS18-Look-39 SS18-Look-40 SS18-Look-41 SS18-Look-42 SS18-Look-43 SS18-Look-44

Jasper Conran Spring/Summer 2018 Collection from Profiles98 on Vimeo.

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