Kicking off Fashion Week with Blazers and Birkenstocks! NYFW

Written by Arantxa Lozada

On Wednesday September 4th, Micah Cohen Chicane presented his 2014 spring collection Shades Of Grey. This presentation was held in an intimate Soho setting minimizing all glitz and glamours of the runway, while putting extra emphasizes on the garments.

Sticking to neutral shades of mostly blacks, blues, whites, and greys this collection was the perfect balance between formal wear and comfortable clothing. Formal pieces such as blazers or pant suits were revitalized in a more casual way by utilizing wool and cotton fabrics. The girls lined up the building with loose fitting sweaters and maxi dresses paired with layered silouettes.

Micah Cohen’s decision to incorporate black wool socks and a pair of black Birkenstocks complimented every outfit perfectly. It gave each look an innovative spin on sportswear or as Cohen mentioned a “more grounded” look. His commitment to simplicity proves to be the key to his successful collections and dedicated following.

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