Maison IRFE – Autumn-Winter 2014-15 Collection​


Maison IRFE is presenting its fall-winter 14/15 collection on the second fashion show during Paris Fashion Week on February 27 at 12:30 pm at Place Vendome, 7.

Under the artistic direction of Olga Sorokina since 2008 the  brand has given modern spirit to its own collections that “play” with sizes, materials and  colors.

This collection consists of must-haves for a woman and makes up her wardrobe  in accordance with her wishes, travels and her lifestyle.

The woman looks elegant, exquisite but at the same time urban -modern. Olga Sorokina has preserved the spirit of the past with Russian and French influences permeating the house forever, offering modern international style.

The collection is modern and combines oversize pieces as well as pieces with laser cuts. The brand also offers male pieces / outfits underlining almost androgynous look of a woman today but with the touch of elegance.

This collection celebrates the 90th unniversary since the establishment of the Fashion House in Paris in 1924 at Dufour Street.

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