Do you think you have everything in your makeup drawer or pouch that will make you look flawless immediately?  Below are the makeup essentials every woman should have in case of an emergency like unexpected hangout plans or a date right after work.  You will never have to worry about looking tired or less than perfect again.

  1. Without a doubt, every woman should have a concealer in her bag in case of “makeup emergencies.” It will help hide the puffiness, conceal the pimples as well as the dark circles and tired face, making you look fresh.
  2. A lip balm or a lipstick is essential as dry lips or lips with no color makes you not only look older but exhausted and worn out as well.
  3. A girl should have a Moisturizer with her as well especially in the cold weather when the skin looks patchy or dry. There is nothing worse than having a dry-looking face. Also, if you get a nice-smelling moisturizer, it can also be used as a substitute for perfume!
  4. If you have small as well as thin eyelashes, you should definitely have a mascara with you at all time. It not only makes the lashes look thick and long but also makes the eyes look fresh.
  5. Most would think of it as unimportant; however, a woman should always carry a face wash and wipes with her. Honestly,  you would be surprised how many times a woman has asked another woman for these items.




It is essential to keep the products mentioned above in your makeup pouch as they are the most necessary and used products for a woman. If a woman does not own these products, then they should buy them already!


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