NE6 – “Kingdom Come”
The Sixth National Exhibition

The National Art Gallery of The Bahamas
West and West Hill Streets
Nassau, New Providence
The Bahamas

November 15th, 2012-April 7th, 2013

Opening Hours:
Tuesday – Saturday, 10 a.m. – 4 p.m.
Sundays: Noon – 4 p.m.

Admission: $5 Adults; $3 Students/Seniors
Free for children under 12.

Free admission for all Bahamians on third Sunday of every month.

The National Art Gallery of The Bahamas (NAGB) presents the sixth biennial exhibition NE6, showcasing contemporary artists of Bahamian descent or those living and working in The Bahamas today. Under the new directorship of Amanda Coulson, this year’s edition changes format and, instead of an open call, becomes a themed exhibition, entitled “Kingdom Come,” to which artists, selected by the NAGB’s Chief Curator, John Cox, are invited to participate.

The NE6 aims to explore the challenges of “transition” in modern times, in which we are brought abruptly closer together thanks to the spoils of electronic and social media platforms that connect every aspect of our existences. With a mouse click or Smartphone swipe, suddenly the other side of the world becomes the other side of the street, and our secure notions of
what constitutes life are challenged. We are bearing witness to the dynamics of an emerging global culture filled with beauty and wonder, juxtaposed with anxiety and the anticipation of a fast approaching, uncertain reality. The spiritual and emotional self is affected by the external realities of social, political, religious, and environmental upheaval, which calls to our attention the role we play in what is to come and just how we got here.

The modern Bahamas certainly does not fall outside the realm of concerns delivered by this global conversation. The narratives of endings and beginnings, life and death, positive and negative, are by no means new, yet somehow in their most basic forms, are still central to the core understanding of ourselves and the greater story that we fit into.

“Kingdom Come” provides 49 visual thinkers with a practical platform to collide their visions of our contemporary island life, whether presenting complete confusion or hopeful  projections of new beginnings.

Their responses delve into issues of identity, transformation, spirituality and balance, justice and survival. Sabrina Lightbourne’s public intervention of large-scale poster photographs, plastered through the streets of Downtown Nassau, highlight Bahamian racial and ethnic diversity and question the national acceptance of Who Is Bahamian? In her floor-to-ceiling feather installation, Dede Brown explores the recurrence of “dramatic realignments” and “rebirths” and questions the expectation of a “perfect equilibrium”. Kendal Hanna and Toby Lunn both investigate the abyss of the universe through an emotional expressive gesture that speaks to the immeasurability and potentiality of the unknown, while Tyrone Ferguson creates a physical metaphor with a sculpture that leads the viewer along a tightrope without an established destination. Apryl Burrows speaks directly to the rights (or lack thereof) of women in Bahamian society with a dramatic work focusing on overcoming the oppression of gender restrictions upheld by past laws. John Beadle critiques the idea of territory, security, and ownership in his work Low Cost Housing Scheme, a work that analyses effects of involuntary and voluntary migration and our sense of physical and mental space, suggesting
that the inevitability of change need not be disorienting if one carries their history with them.

Swiss psychologist Carl Jung refers to the conversion of St. Paul as the great nervous breakdown: a necessary transformative event that manifests in the lives of those individuals brave enough to forge their own paths. Perhaps, if society is heroic enough to follow them, these paths could lead to a collective infrastructure that may guide us to a new kingdom yet to come.

Artist List

  •  Christina Ashe                      painting
  • Joann Behagg                      ceramics
  • Lillian Blades                        mixed media
  • Dede Brown              painting/drawing
  • Apryl Burrows                     fashion/sculpture
  • Maria Chisnal                      textile
  • Jessica Colebrook                ceramics
  • Christina Darville                 wall painting
  • Claudette Dean                     video/sculpture
  • Veronica Dorsett                  mixed media
  • Sonia Farmer                       book making
  • Del Foxton                            paper/installation
  • Kendra Frorup                    mixed media
  • Yutavia George                    mixed media
  • Patti Glinton-Mecholis          poetry/sculpture
  • Maria Govan                       film/painting
  • Susan Katz                           sculpture
  • Sabrina Lightbourne            photography
  • Candis Marshall                   photography
  • Susan Moir Mackay mixed media
  • Keisha Oliver                       sculpture
  • Lynn Parotti                         painting
  • Holly Parotti                        printmaking
  • Donna Whitfield Dacosta      photography
  • Italia Williams                      mixed media/body
  • Eleanor Whitely                   painting
  •  John Beadle                   installation/sculpture
  • Jonathon Bethel painting
  • Lawrence D. Burns        painting
  • Michael Edwards           installation
  • Tyrone Ferguson           sculpture
  • Kendal Hanna               painting
  • Andret John                  sculpture
  • Thierry Lamare            painting
  • Scharad Lightbourne    photography
  • Toby Lunn                     painting
  • Jace McKinney installation/sculpture
  • Jeffrey Meris                 installation/sculpture
  • Lavar Munroe               mixed media/sculpture
  • Kishan Munroe painting
  • John Paul                      painting
  • Jackson Petit                 video
  • Malcom Rae                  painting
  • Dylan Rapillard            mixed media
  • Heino Schmid                painting/mixed media
  • Steven Schmid   paper/mixed media
  • Dave Smith                    painting
  • Max Taylor                   woodcut printing
  • Allan Wallace               painting
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