Relationships and Javier Melgar Santoveña

Javier Melgar Santoveña

In an exclusive interview with Javier Melgar Santoveña actor, from ‘’It’s a Man’s World’’ and ‘’Straight Up!’’ we decided to get close and personal, and asked him about the common theme in a lot of his projects: Relationships.

As we know from Javier’s work, a lot of it is based on his own life he said ‘’They say you have to write about what you know, I am primarily an actor but I also like to write and I like to write for myself. I write about my life and those around me because that’s what I know. Also, I have been very blessed/cursed to have quite an eventful love life, which makes it easy to have stories to write.’’ What’s your point of view on this eventful love life? ‘’It’s funny. Not that everything that has happened to me has been a blast, but you have to learn to laugh at yourself and move on. Actually, writing comedies about some of my failed relationships has helped me get over some people. And hey they happen to be very interesting stories cause I have dated very particular people.’’

Javier has written two plays Relationships Suck! and Romantically Cynical both premiered in theaters in Los Angeles and got fantastic reviews. People seem to really like his style of comedy ‘’I would say I’m very sitcom-y, it’s what I grew up watching and some would say that even in life I behave like that. I believe that the way I express my stories really catches people’s attention, because I’m completely honest, I always play myself so, as embarrassing or crass the story is the audience knows it’s me and that is real and people relate to that.’’ He added ‘’Also, I really am not shy about details, so the audience always gets the full story directly from the source.’’

So why relationships? ‘’As much as people deny it, as much as I deny it, most of us spend the majority of our lives looking for love and for me, it has been hard and rough; but it’s not only about romantic relationships, it’s about all the kinds of relationships (friendships, mother-son, father-son, siblings, boss-employee) and how even though my romantic life has pretty much sucked, I manage to get over it and move on because I have an amazing family and incredible friends.’’ We know this to be true because we have talked to some of his friends and they all love them. ‘’Sometimes I think they say so many good things about me because I’m an actor and they are being supportive, because I know they have some bad stories as well. But that’s what friendships are about, you can go through rough patches but we will still be there for each other because friendship is stronger than anything. Friends are the family we choose.’’

We couldn’t resist asking if he was dating someone at the moment ‘’No. As is customary I’m still single. I’ve met a couple of people recently but nothing serious. Dating in L.A. is hard and I’m sure anyone can tell you that. I’ve had some sort off nice experiences and then some really sucky ones, so for now I’ve decided to focus on my career more. I’m not giving up on love, I’m just taking a break.’’ We hope he doesn’t take a break for too long.

Well, we will definitely keep following Javier’s career and for more personal details about the hunky and single actor check our website for future interviews.

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Melissa Donelly  –  Celebrity News

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