The world’s number 1 premium Russian vodka explores the convergence of science and nature

Russian Standard Vodka, the world’s number one premium Russian vodka, has teamed up with Emmy Award-nominated U.S. filmmaker, futurist and performance philosopher Jason Silva to explore the wonder of the convergence of science and nature.  At an exclusive event at London’s Science Museum, Jason Silva delivered an awe-inspiring dissection of how patterns in the natural world are being reimagined in science. In partnership with Russian Standard Vodka, Jason embarks on a voyage of discovery that takes us beyond the obvious to realise the incredible in life. For more information or to watch Jason Silva’s talk in full please visit

Russian Standard Vodka’s collaboration with Jason Silva is a result of his passion for looking past the normal and finding inspiration in the complexities of science and nature. It is this same passion that inspired Russian Standard Vodka, and its founder Roustam Tariko, to realize their vision of the highest standard of vodka created from the softest glacial water and the finest quality Russian winter wheat, combined and distilled in accordance with scientific principals established by famed Russian scientist Dmitri Mendeleev in 1894. Harnessing the knowledge of Russia’s greatest chemist, cutting-edge technology, the most natural ingredients and Russia’s best vodka-making traditions, Roustam Tariko crafted Russian Standard an authentic, ultra-clean, smooth and delicious tasting vodka.

Jason Silva’s philosophy, optimism, intelligence and ability to convey stories in a simple and passionate way make him Russian Standard Vodka’s perfect partner. Already well-known for his award-winning National Geographic programme, Brain Games, Jason Silva’s hugely popular VIMEO films and YouTube channel Shots of Awe, which boasts millions of subscribers globally, has been exploring these incredible themes for several years to critical acclaim.

Jason Silva commented: “I am thrilled to be collaborating with Russian Standard Vodka and its visionary founder Roustam Tariko! From our very first conversation, I knew that this was an opportunity to do something totally different and creative that highlights the fascinating space where nature and technology become indistinguishable.”

Roustam Tariko commented: “With his unique ability to inspire people and communicate incredible ideas, Jason is a perfect match for Russian Standard Vodka. Together, we share an enthusiasm and passion for science and nature, which are at the core of Russian Standard’s mission to create perfect vodka.”

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About Russian Standard Vodka

Russian Standard Vodka is the world’s no. 1 Russian premium vodka.  The Russian Standard Vodka portfolio dominates the premium segment in Russia with a 40 percent market share and sales of over 2.9 million cases in 2012 in Russia and more than 75 export markets across Europe, the U.S. and Asia. Roustam Tariko, the founder of Russian Standard, introduced the flagship product, Russian Standard, in 1998 as the first authentic Russian premium vodka. Russian Standard vodkas are made with only the finest Russian ingredients, using the principles for vodka established in 1894 by famed Russian scientist Dmitri Mendeleev for Russia’s Czars. Two years after launch, sales of Russian Standard surpassed all imported premium vodkas on the Russian market, leading to broad international expansion and the launch of Russian Standard Platinum in 2001, IMPERIA Vodka, the company’s luxury brand, in 2004, and Russian Standard Gold in 2008.

Key Facts about Russian Standard

  • World’s #1 Russian Premium Vodka (IMPACT Top 100 premium brands, 2013)
  • Russia’s #1 Premium Vodka (AC Nielsen, 2012)
  • Russian Standard Vodka is the Fastest Growing Vodka Brand in the top 30 global vodkas by volume (Drinks International 2013)
  • Growing at +45% in the UK Off trade (MAT end May 2013) vs. vodka category at -2% MAT
  • Growing at +2% in UK On trade (Mat to 15th May 2013) vs. vodka category at -6% MAT

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