How to Keep your Skin Glowing this Winter

Winter is at its best, with strong winds and drying chills everywhere you go. Although it does have its own charm, it isn’t without harsh consequences. It has become extremely difficult to keep your skin healthy and glowing. What with all the dryness, and crusty, cold weather, keeping your skin warm and soft is nothing less than a challenge. So, to help you through this ordeal, let us present some valuable tips that will help you keep your skin glowing through these harsh months of winter.

Avoid too much steam

Hot Steams

Yes, hot showers are a blessing in winter, but too much of hot water will strip off all the beneficial oils from your skin. This will affect the protective barrier of your skin and will allow the water from your skin to escape, leaving it dry and lusterless. So, in order to preserve the glow of your skin, go for moderately hot showers, which will do your skin a world of good.

Lather up

Many people make the mistake of moisturizing their skin, quite some time after their bath. This has no use as the water has ready escaped through the damaged barrier. A much better approach will be to apply your moisturizers immediately after your bath. This makes sure that all the hydration is locked in, keeping your skin healthy and glowing.

Drink up


Drinking lots of water will help your skin also. This is because, during the cold, dry winter, your skin is constantly losing moisture. This makes your skin dry and scaly. To prevent this from happening you need to replenish your water content by drinking lots of water.

Scrub it off

Dry skin can be a real bother. Often it flakes off and looks unsightly. To prevent this from happening you need to scrub your skin regularly. This helps remove all the dead skin and allows the inner healthier skin to shine through. The dead skin is of no use to you, and removing it with a scrub will allow the healthier skin to flourish.

DIY masks

Facial Mask

Another great way to replenish the water content of your skin, you can use a number of hydrating masks available on the market. You can make them easily using avocados, yogurt, olives, tomato, almond oil, aloe Vera and so on. These DIY masks work amazingly on your skin and will definitely help you counteract the harsh winters.

Yes, the winter weathers can be another, but using these life hacks you can make your skin glow. Yes, it can get frustrating at times, however, it can easily be relieved by replenishing the water content of your skin. You don’t have to bear the peeling, lusterless skin of winters. Instead, follow the tips given above and get on track to a healthier skin. It isn’t that difficult at all, just some simple readjustments in your lifestyle. Now that you know these 5 amazing tips, cold weather shouldn’t be a bother anymore!

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