Son Jung Wan’s S/S 2014 Collection Shows that Minimalism Can Be Surprising

Written by: Margaret Blaha
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Asymmetry was something I saw throughout Son Jung Wan’s S/S 2014 collection, whether it was in the cut of a jacket, the drape of a skirt, or the lining of a dress. This asymmetry was what made Wan’s collection of pale and neutral pieces (white, gray, brown, yellow, gold) interesting to look at. It highlighted the fact that nothing in this collection was as it first seemed.

PicMonkey-Collage21What appeared to be a relatively simple off-white jumpsuit with a high neck was given a level of complexity and sex appeal with slit cutouts on each side. And even simple and elegant dresses were taken to another level with asymmetrical hems and seams.

The styling of the models was also not as it first seemed. From the front, the models had a very demure and earthy look with their hair slicked back tight only to swell into a knotted nest at the back of their necks. All perfectly tanned with dark eyes and a neutral lip, the models had a very sever, stiff look that was offset by Wan’s clean and elegant designs. There was something otherworldly about them.

The show was packed, and at least a hundred people who were waiting in line to get a place to stand to see the show were kept from coming in. There were some famous faces sitting in the front row, like actress Toni Trucks, June Ambrose, and Kelly Rutherford. After the show, people were practically lining up to take pictures withJune Ambrose.


What’s clear from Son Jung Wan and a few other designers I’ve seen thus far is that the new trend this spring is minimalism.

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