Theodore Elyett Junkanoo Inspired Collection In Beijing China

Bahamian top designer Theodore Elyett has done it again!

Old Junkanoo Inspiration Theodore Elyett Junkanoo Collection 2017 Theodore Elyett Junkanoo Collection 2017 Theodore Elyett Junkanoo Collection 2017  Theodore Elyett Junkanoo Collection 2017

Inspired by his Bahamian music culture ‘JUNKANOO’ Theodore Elyett has created his most opulent collection yet.  In celebration of 20 years diplomatic relations between The Bahamas and China Elyett was invited by The Bahamas Embassy in China to present a mini-collection.  Elyett, posted on Instagram, “Bahamian Culture with a touch of a Asian silhouettes”!

Walking for him in Beijing is all Bahamian Models: Shanae Strachan, Ashley Hamilton, Erika Adderley, Kamala Forbes and Tomii Culmer.

Theodore Elyett Junkanoo Collection 2017

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