SHADY LADIES – Get in formation and celebrate the natural hues and colors for this season and for seasons to come. The beauty of our naturalness comes from an inner sense of calm and confidence to “show off’ what’s for real.

De-Nature-0039 (1)

FULL LIPS:  The cool colors of red; ruby, cherry, apple and fuchsia are on trend right now. For some added drama dip your luscious lips in some dramatic chocolate, for some added sexy allure.
Model: Brenda Elizabeth


EYEBROWS:  Should be shaped to enhance the facial structure and arched to perfection.

Model: Antiquea Bannister


CHEEKBONES:  Need a bold highlight with a touch of copper for a magical glow.

Model: Asha Lewis

De-Nature-0093 (1)

EYES:  Always dramatic and can by played with to various extremes, but not over the top. Think of a seductive smoky eye, with luminous highlights for an evening look. For daytime, eyes should be mellow and softly shaded by subtle Caribbean sea & sky blues.
Model: Shaiyann Williams
Photographer- Denature Photography
MUA: Dacotah Rolle- Glow and Glamour
Styling & Design: Kejuana Beneby- Kejuana Beneby Designs
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