Toronto Is Fast Becoming the Hot Travel Spot! Why?

Toronto Canada is the largest city within the North American.  Not many people know that its nickname is “six.” The nickname is because the city area was originally divided into six different cities: Toronto, Scarborough, North York, York, East York, and Etobicoke.

While the city has been a Canadian favorite for some time, it has remained somewhat of a secret to the rest of the World. Over recent years it has slowly become a travel hot spot for all to visit. In the 2016 publication of the New York Times ‘list of 52 places to go’, Toronto was surprisingly awarded 7th place. This publicity has done wonders for it holiday attractiveness.



But why is this large but quiet city becoming an increasingly popular place to visit?


Outdoor Adventure

Toronto offers cultural city life and an amazing wonderland outdoors. The ferries of Toronto give tourists a gateway to the Toronto Islands. Located in Lake Ontario, these small islands provide many recreational activities. You can spend the day hiking or biking. In summer, you can spend the day on a sandy beach. The natural views surrounding the islands are purely magical, especially at sunset, so be sure to take a camera.



Part of the modernization of Toronto included building chic and trendy bars, live music venues and coffee shops.  All of these additions promote a healthy community vibe and exciting things to do. The neighborhood called ‘The Junction’ was the chosen area for this entertainment transformation, so add it to your list of places to go in Toronto. The Distillery district is also worth visiting at it home to art galleries, eateries and more bars with beer gardens.


The nightlife of Toronto is also becoming a strong reason to visit, as mainstream and local talent are regularly booking in sized venues. While it is beautiful to enjoy activities during the day, everyone loves to have fun and relax in the evening and Toronto no longer disappoints.


Hello Hollywood

The film industry is another contributing factor to Toronto’s hot spot travel destination.  Every September, the city holds The Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF), which was originally called ‘Festival of Festivals.’ Over the past four decades, its popularity has increased dramatically, mainly after a rebranding exercise in the mid 90’s. The rebranding included the name change and a passionate new director.  Hollywood began taking the festival seriously, and very quickly it became strong competition for other famous film festivals.

This prestige brought celebrities, and the stars brought film lovers in their herds. Recent actors who have attended the TIFF include Canadian favorites Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling. Plus, Hollywood heavyweights George Clooney, Natalie Portman and Benedict Cumberbatch.  Would you like to go to TIFF?


Toronto’s increased popularity is most likely due to the revitalization and modernization of the city.

The waterfront area of the city has been cleaned, refreshed and updated over the last few years.  In 2015, plans for the Waterfront Innovation Centre started. The area was redesigned to create parks and walkways around the architecturally modern business center.  It has provided a beautiful public space with beautiful viewpoints and greater access to the ferries.

This prevalent part of the city offers many things to do such as shopping at the artisan market, access to the music garden and many boating tours along the harbourfront and Lake Ontario.



New and improved transport links mean that a car is no longer a necessity. The cities transportation has become more environmentally friendly and more cost-effective making it better for tourists. Who wants to go to a city where you have to hire a car?  Accessibility and good transport is a positive thing for many travelers.

Nowadays, there are more bike and pedestrian paths than ever before. Plus, streetcars provide a reliable link between promenades and green outdoor spaces. These public areas are full of art like fountains and sculpture, providing additional interest and beauty. No one likes to walk around and only see concrete buildings. Toronto has become a greener city.


Are you now thinking about heading to Toronto? Let us know your favorite things about this travel hotspot in the comments section below.





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