Actress/businesswoman ANNA MARIA HORSFORD who launched her jewelry line during Guyana Fashion Weekend in 2008 used rhinestones, gems and semi precious stones to create a dazzling line of necklaces, brooches and adornments which is ideal for a modern bride who doesn’t mind adding some `bling’ to her wedding trousseau. Anna, who was born in New York to parents from Antigua & the Dominican Republic, says her jewelry as bold as they are can make a bride fell complete on her special day.

 PROFILES98 caught up with the busy actress who is currently promoting her new movie “Our Family Wedding” and is about to present her jewelry as art at a popular New York Gallery said a bride on her wedding day is really expressing herself as who she really is. “On your wedding day, it’s about adorning yourself to be the one who you think you are. As the bride you are defining yourself to the world, that is the one day an ordinary girl becomes a Princess or the Queen for that one day, I’ve seen very homely girls become transformed and very pretty on their wedding day” said Anna.

 Everything a bride wears is of utmost importance including her jewelry, which is very significant. In African and Indian cultures, adornment is a major part of the bridal ensemble. Apart from the dress, it’s all about the jewelry and Anna’s jewelry designs fit into the whole concept of adorning the bride for that complete look. “It’s the crowning glory of her existence, because you’ve found someone who sees the beauty. It’s a moment of pure perfection that the energy of love has found its witness. We women think we’re cute, but until you find your witness.”

 Hollywood actress Anna Maria Horsford is known for her roles in over 60 movies and television shows. She is currently featured in the film `Our Family Wedding’ with Forest Whittaker, America Ferrera and Regina King. She played the role of Dee in `The Wynans Brothers Show’ and the legendary role of `Thelma’ on the television series `Amen.’

By Walter Greene | Photographed by Donn Thompson | Published in Profiles98 Magazine – Spring 2010 issue 3


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