Yamaha Motor to Display 19 Models at Its Booth for 43rd Tokyo Motor Show 2013

Yamaha Motor to Display 19 Models at Its Booth

for 43rd Tokyo Motor Show 2013


TOKYO, November 20, 2013 — Yamaha Motor Co,. Ltd. (TSE: 7272) announced that the theme of the Yamaha Motor booth for the 43rd Tokyo Motor Show 2013 is “Revs your Heart,” and it will offer a chance for visitors to experience “the growing world of personal mobility” unique to Yamaha, a specialist in small vehicles for personal mobility.

“Yamaha Motor always strives to be a company that works to bring Kando that surpasses the expectations of people using our products around the world, for today and tomorrow. “Our “Revs your Heart” slogan expresses the sense of pride and duty we have in this goal, and is an embodiment of our desire to stir people’s hearts with excitement and emotion, like the building revs of an engine,” said Yamaha Motor CEO Hiroyuki Yanagi.

The booth have a total of 19 models on display that realize this “growing world of personal mobility,” including motorcycles, scooters, an electrically power assisted bicycle, a Recreational Off-Highway Vehicle and an automobile currently under research and development. In the new medium-term management plan set in motion in January of this year by Yamaha Motor, “winning new customers” and “taking on new business activities” are two challenges the company is taking on over the plan’s three year period. At the booth, we will display multiple models that seek to win new customers in the current motorcycle market and introduce some of the initiatives in progress towards developing new businesses, such as sport-focused EV motorcycles and a next-generation electrically power assisted bicycle that utilize new power sources in the field we call “Smart Power” and multi-wheeled models like a three-wheeled commuter vehicle and an automobile. Also, the booth’s design that achieves a dynamic harmony between the creative fittings and fixtures, the models on display and the technology they employ is an embodiment of Yamaha’s “Refined Dynamism” design philosophy that seeks to stimulate the emotions with genuine and innovative expressions of dynamism and beauty.


Main Display Models

R25 (Reference vehicle / Prototype)

“A superbike you can ride every day” is the development concept behind the “R25,” a 250cc sport bike mounting a newly developed in-line 2-cylinder engine on a lightweight, slim and compact chassis that shares its look with the“YZR-M1” MotoGP machine. It boasts a powerful and sporty ride in the high rpm range while being easy to handle. The R25 is positioned and offered as an entry-model in the sport bike category for developed markets like Japan and Europe, and as a top performance sport bike for emerging markets, primarily throughout Asia.


MT-07 (Reference vehicle / Export-spec model)

This brand new model takes a lightweight, slim and compact chassis, the traditional trait of a Yamaha motorcycle, and pairs it with a newly developed in-line 2-cylinder engine based on our “Crossplane Concept.” This sport bike brings both fun to the daily commute and excitement to the weekend jaunt, and generates an enjoyment that can be felt directly and intuitively by users of all skill and experience levels. It adopts a “double deck structure” design where the upper and lower portions of the bike are expressed in both relative and interconnected ways, and is a realization of Yamaha Motor’s “Refined Dynamism” design philosophy.


MOTIV (Special exhibit / Prototype)

This automobile currently under research and development pursues the driving pleasure generated from the sense of unity with the machine the driver feels. This new idea for a personal vehicle for urban areas was born while researching and developing multi-wheeled vehicles that stay true to the original appeal of a motorcycle. The lightweight, high-rigidity, high-strength chassis, independent suspension for each wheel, rear-motor/rear-wheel-drive layout, aerodynamic body shell and a power unit loaded with Yamaha engine technology represents a package that creates a type of driving fun with a link to motorcycling – an entirely new experience. Its most distinctive feature is the skeleton frame based on the iStream* process. The frame uses a combination of steel tube piping and composite materials, and demonstrates possibilities for pursuing high levels of handling stability and safety.

*iStream: A manufacturing and design process to produce optimal engineering and safety designs; proposed by Gordon Murray Design Limited and originating in Formula One racing cars.


About Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd.

Yamaha Motor (TOKYO: 7272) is a world-leading producer of motorcycles, marine products, power products and surface mounters. The company’s diverse business and wide variety of products are built around its proprietary technologies focused on small engines, fiberglass-reinforced plastics and electronic control. Yamaha Motor conducts global development, production and marketing operations through 140 subsidiaries and equity-method affiliates in 30 countries. About 90% of consolidated net sales are generated in more than 200 countries outside of Japan. The company is steadily restructuring its global engineering, manufacturing and marketing capabilities for sustainable long-term growth. Please visit http://global.yamaha-motor.com.

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