Zack Lo Brand

Fashion footwear designer Zack Lo’s debut collection, Voodoo Circus, captured the aesthetic of Carnaby Street vintage London with a twist of chic backstreet parties in Tokyo. His well received  follow-up collection, Risk, boldly combined unique materials in distinctive and wearable designs. Featured in several national and international print magazines and broadcast media, Zack’s alluring feminine looks reinvent classic stiletto design with a modern twist, and are much sought after by celebrities, style editors and fashionistas around the planet. Born in Ilan City, Taiwan, and educated in the United Kingdom,  Zack Lo now resides in the United States. His penchant for sumptuous details and flamboyant embellishments put his shoes at the forefront of fashion–and a legion of style conscious women eagerly await new collections. “Beauty,” says the designer, “is an elegant interpretation of the past. I never want to compromise luxury or femininity just for the sake of style. I look for what has endured, and then I find inspiration in what feels fresh and new to me. My shoes are intended to give women choices that express how they feel–sexy, youthful, mysterious or sophisticated.” 
Virago is his latest collection below

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